folding loft ladder

Loft Ladders

The ladder comes into two different types, metal and wood.

Loft ladder offers easy access to the loft or attic, and it has a mechanism that is attached to the edge of the attic and pulls out easily for fast access to the attic area.
Permanently built loft Ladders in your home, adds value, and is a safer choice.

It can be use in domestic homes, offices and malls.  It provides easy and convenient loft access through ceiling entryways to storage tanks, boilers and electric repairs, it also serves as a storage of infrequently used items.



  • Maximum safety; safe to climb, non slip ladder, reliable adequate weight balance
  • The compact structure of the hatch facilitates ease of operation of the Loft Ladder. An opening rod is supplied with every Loft Ladder enabling the user to open and close the unit with ease.


  • Trap door is well concealed – it is flush to the ceiling, and conveniently tucked away in the artic.
  • Readily available when needed; Ladder is neatly concealed behind the attic until when needed.
  • Access to roof to facilitate easier maintenance of your water tank, which eradicates the need to bring ladders in to your homes. 


  • Space saving solutions, for those items you don’t have space to store.


  • It folds quietly and easy to use.
  • It is made of pine wood, durable, cool and fashionable
  • Installed by professionals


  • In order to maximize comfort and accelerate installation of the Loft Ladder, additional accessories are available.
  • Remote Control to open loft ladders and to close it


  • White, “sandwich-type” isolation lid, 32 mm thick
  • Wooden ladder – 3 or 4 segments.
  • Perfect tightness between the lid and doorframe, owing to a special gasket in the case.
  • The steps are fastened to the ladder by a dovetail joint
  • Non-slip steps
  • Pressure lock in the hatch – no protruding parts
  • Handrail
  • 13-cm high case with a gasket
  • Maximum load 150 kg


  • Insulation of the lid: 1,20 W/m2*K

Standard dimensions of cases for 3-segment ladders
112×60 120×60 130×60 112×70 120×70 130×70

  • Opening radius 145 cm
  • Bend 103 cm

Standard dimensions of cases for 4-segment ladders
90×60 100×60 90×70 100×70

  • Opening radius 125 cm
  • Bend 103 cm

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